About TAKE10

TAKE10 is a classroom-based physical activity program, developed with the assistance of health professionals and education experts, combining academic instruction with 10 minutes physical activity breaks to get kids moving without sacrificing time dedicated to academic learning.

Bringing Physical Activity
into the Classroom

TAKE10 brings physical activity into the classroom.

What is TAKE10?

TAKE10 is a program that brings physical activity in the classroom. The program:

  • integrates movement with core curriculum concepts in each activity
  • includes nutrition education and physical activity lessons
    includes grade specific materials for students in kindergarten through 5th grade
  • was developed by teachers for teachers
  • provides 10 minute activity breaks
  • is teacher-friendly and kid-approved

Impact of TAKE10

It is well known that physical activity is essential to managing childhood obesity, and yet it is increasingly difficult for children to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Through the integration of movement, nutrition, and health with core academic content, TAKE10 promotes physical activity, healthy eating, and learning in a fun and creative way.

TAKE10 By the Numbers

  • 10 minutes of classroom-based physical activity
  • 40+ activities per grade level
  • 50,000 classrooms in the U.S. using TAKE10, reaching 1 Million children